Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Bridge Between India And Africa

Arun Nigam's Life Story

A bridge between India and Africa
Arun Nigam, is a Holy Spirit led preacher of Word of God. God has anointed him with prophetic gift and uses him to heal and deliver his people.
In 1999 when he was on his official trip to Kigoma, Tanzania as he was working for a pharmaceutical company as GM, he met with an accident and fractured his back bone. Doctors wrote him off and he suffered badly for two years. In 2001 he came to know Jesus and Jesus healed him instantly. When he was prayed over the power of God came upon his hand which was not straight after the accident and upon the finger which was injured and dislocated. God put these things straight. Afterwards the power of God came upon his back and he was pushed to bend front and back, that very movement the pain left him and the body which was almost paralyzed became whole.
Since then he began to serve in his pastor’s ministry. After three years of serving in World Agape Ministries, Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania, in 2004 God opened the job opportunity for him once again as GM in a mining company in Kolwezi, Congo and there God used him mightily to save and heal people. In 2005, God took him to India and there he reached the world with God’s message of healing and deliverance in Lucknow, (UP) India.
Once again in 2008, God opened the doors for him to be in Tanzania. In March 2011,
About His Ministry in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania.
What We Do

A burden to see lives set free from the bondage and transformed for the better through relationship with God.

One Year of Ministry in Tanzania 

That is how we started on 13th March 2011.
In order to know the will of God on 7th March we decided to go for street evangelism. We asked God as we are going to evangelize this whole week; you show us your will. If you want us to start ministry here then Sunday you bring people and work in their lives. From Monday to Friday we went on the streets and spoke to people about Jesus, prayed for them and many were healed. On Saturday we fasted and prayed for Sunday. On Sunday the 13th March 2011, when we were worshipping the Lord, our neighbor knocked at the door. We prayed together and then she said she had been suffering from swelling in her leg for last 7 years that’s why she has pain in her leg and she could not walk properly.
God moved when we prayed and pain disappeared, next day she came to show her leg. Praise the Lord she had no swelling.
In this above photo she is standing in the middle.
God gave us green signal.
And we grew-

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